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To book an appointment please call: 01503 230 436 / 07918 121 272 Or email:


  1. We will significantly increase the level and frequency of our cleaning process in line with the “latest” Government guidelines.
  2. Face to face appointments will be offered where effective treatment cannot reasonably be carried out online. A telephone screening consultation will take place initially to establish your need.
  3. Both the Physiotherapist and client will be screened prior to your appointment to attend the clinic to ensure it is still safe to proceed.
  4. Both the Physiotherapist and client will be temperature checked on entering the clinic.
  5. Appointment times will be organised to ensure social distancing guidelines can be maintained.
  6. Our clinicians will be wearing all the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) including surgical masks, gloves and aprons at all times during your appointment.
  7. We will be operating a reduced service to facilitate points 1, 4, 5 and 9.
  8. We will be offering extended opening hours to spread the flow of patients evenly throughout the day.
  9. Between each patient time will be allocated to deep clean all surfaces using the appropriate disinfectant and necessary PPE.
  10. We can guarantee you these measures will not affect your standard of care.